Lots to cover but to everyone who has lent a hand over the last few months ..... a big thankyou.
First thanks to all those who turned up to help with the 2 GIANT rescues last weekend (goats and ducks). We don't even know who you all were but it was great to see so many caring people.  Also big thanks to Julie who has persisted with the gosling adoption process (picture below shows one of the groups of rescued babies almost being accepted by a new goose family...only a few hisses). Thanks to those who donated hay and feed. Rod, Jill and family who sat up all night with the sick alpaca baby... great result. Dog Girl and Cat Girl who transported the injured to Specialists in Sydney. Sarah who jumped into the water without a thought to save Babs ....go girl!  All the regular Heros who've done all the feeding and caring.