August has been a month of duck & dog fishing hook injuries.   We have now had 4 ducks & one dog come into our care with injuries from fishing hooks stuck in their mouths or feet.
This highlights 2 big problems:
Firstly people are leaving, dumping or disposing their fishing gear in public areas irresponsibly.
Secondly people are dumping domestic pet animals in public parks or watercourses. 
A deadly combination!
Critter Rescue now has big vet bills to get the hooks out & medicate the animals.
Probably the heavy rain on the Central Coast and Lower & Upper Hunter Valley has helped contribute to areas of high density garbage on the shores or in the shallows where ducks & dogs may be fossicking for food.
If you can make a donation to help with the cost please donate via this website. Thank you 
    As you can see all 3 ducks can now eat properly.