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Posted 193 weeks ago

3.3.15   So many horrible rescues this year already! Operations & nursing have all been successful so we look forward to getting these animals ready for their new homes  in the near future!

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Happy Mother's Day to all Critter Mothers & Mother Critters

Posted by Critter Rescue on Saturday, May 11, 2013,

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Chicken re-homing morning

Posted by Critter Rescue on Sunday, April 28, 2013, In : chickens 
The chicken re-homing went really well this morning with every chook re-homed as pets to loving homes. We even re-homed one grumpy rooster!  Thanks to everyone who helped with the day and a BIG thankyou to those who took all the chooks.
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Posted by Critter Rescue on Monday, August 22, 2011, In : roosters 
Why are people buying eggs to hatch when they are totally unprepared & unwilling to accept the three out of four chicks who will grow up to be roosters!  Totally irresponsible!  We are still rescuing lots of roosters. A very sad situation.
A Big Thank You to Rooster Guy who has helped some of these guys find their forever home. Check out his new site
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