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Posted 193 weeks ago

3.3.15   So many horrible rescues this year already! Operations & nursing have all been successful so we look forward to getting these animals ready for their new homes  in the near future!

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Fishing hook injuries

Posted by Critter Rescue on Sunday, August 31, 2014, In : Dogs&Cats 

August has been a month of duck & dog fishing hook injuries.   We have now had 4 ducks & one dog come into our care with injuries from fishing hooks stuck in their mouths or feet.
This highlights 2 big problems:
Firstly people are leaving, dumping or disposing their fishing gear in public areas irresponsibly.
Secondly people are dumping domestic pet animals in public parks or watercourses. 
A deadly combination!
Critter Rescue now has big vet bills to get the hooks out & medicate the animals.

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Recent Duck Rescue Update

Posted by Critter Rescue on Wednesday, June 5, 2013,
The really sick muscovy (which was one of the ducks dumped in a local park & rescued by Duck Whisperer Danielle) is still hanging in there.  She is in the care of DW Danielle who is giving her lots of TLC and supplements. She was in really bad condition & it was touch and go but thankfully she has improved a great deal.
Although kind members of the public regulary feed ducks & geese who have been dumped in our local parks, there is no-one protecting them from predators (it must be remembered ...
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February torrential rains meant lots of rescues

Posted by Critter Rescue on Sunday, March 10, 2013, In : Ducks 
February turned out to be a terrible month of flooding rains especially bad after the drought of the last few months.
We were kept busy with wet smelly dogs, half drowned cats, goats trapped in swappy areas, drenched hens & roosters.
We worked with Native Animal Trust Fund ( ) volunteers to rescue and re-home muscovy ducks who were dumped in a park in Newcastle during the deluge
So far 17 rescued and 3 re-homed, a work in progress...
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