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Posted 193 weeks ago

3.3.15   So many horrible rescues this year already! Operations & nursing have all been successful so we look forward to getting these animals ready for their new homes  in the near future!

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Pet Food Donation Bin

Posted by Critter Rescue on Tuesday, July 29, 2014, In : Pet Food Donation Bin 
We now have a Pet Food Donation Bin at Goldman's Petland, in Cessnock. Please consider a donation if you are in the area. Or you can make a money donation via this site.  It has been a very busy period for all us volunteers since last Christmas with record numbers of animals needing help.  Many times we rescue a whole herd, flock or litter of animals from starvation or neglect at one time. So food is always needed desperately.   Here's a photo of Rooster Guy making our bin

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Bit chewed but now safe

Posted by Critter Rescue on Monday, November 4, 2013, In : geese 

Big THANKYOU to local Year6 school girl Jessica who rescued a goose being attacked by a dog at the park.
After chasing the dog away she and her mum wrapped the goose in a car seat cover and took him to the Vet.
He looks abit chewed in this photo but other than that he's in good health at our Shelter & getting over his ordeal . Geese are not safe at local parks. Please never dump a goose at a park.
One Lucky Goose.

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Beautifully decorated Easter goose eggs

Posted by Critter Rescue on Friday, April 6, 2012, In : Easter 

Students from Mulbring and Kearsley Public Schools did a great job decorating goose eggs for Easter. The eggs were laid by geese who were recently rescued and rehomed by Critter Rescue

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