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Posted 193 weeks ago

3.3.15   So many horrible rescues this year already! Operations & nursing have all been successful so we look forward to getting these animals ready for their new homes  in the near future!

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BIG thank you

Posted by Critter Rescue on Tuesday, July 29, 2014, In : Volunteer 
Lots to cover but to everyone who has lent a hand over the last few months ..... a big thankyou.
First thanks to all those who turned up to help with the 2 GIANT rescues last weekend (goats and ducks). We don't even know who you all were but it was great to see so many caring people.  Also big thanks to Julie who has persisted with the gosling adoption process (picture below shows one of the groups of rescued babies almost being accepted by a new goose family...only a few hisses). Thanks to th...
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This could be YOU picking up manure at our Shelter

Posted by Critter Rescue on Sunday, August 11, 2013,
What fun!!!!  This is Your INVITATION to volunteer for Critter Rescue.

But seriously, there's lots of other things YOU can do to help animals. Contact us on the Contact page on this site for more information.
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Rooster Guy asking you to Donated to our Winter Appeal

Posted by Critter Rescue on Sunday, August 11, 2013,
Winter is a hard time for many animals. We are asking for your help so we can help animals in our care & in the care of other Rescue Groups and also for our other programs such as Helping Elders Keep Their Pets.  Your help will help us pay for hay, grain, chaff, dog and cat food, small bird food, dog coats, blankets and bedding etc. Please spread the word & help in any way you can. Contact us via the contact page on this site with any ideas you may have.

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Volunteer Days at our Shelter

Posted by Critter Rescue on Sunday, August 11, 2013, In : Volunteer 
Animals coming & going through our Shelter means lot of work!  We've had a few Volunteer Days but if you want to Volunteer anytime contact us through the Contact Page here on the website.
Here's a pic of Cathie from Om Shanti Permaculture who has been Volunteering by pruning & rejuvinating some old fruit trees so as to provide food for animals in our care. BIG thanks Cathie!!

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