Welcome to our site                        Critter Rescue

We are a voluntary group who rescues and re-homes hurt, injured, abandoned and   neglected animals. 


Our Programs have been running a number of years but we are always looking for new Volunteers to help out.

if you'd like to Volunteer please contact us on Contact Page



Buy a bed for a little rescue dog

$ 20 USD

When we first rescue a dog they have nothing. They need a warm bed. Your $s will pay for a cozy bed for a little dog

We have been rescuing animals for over 35 years and in that time have re-homed all types of animals such as donkeys, calves, pigs, dogs, cats, goats, lambs, horses, alpacas and birds of all kinds.

We work closely with other animal organisations, pet rescue, wildlife rescue & Vets to provide the best outcome for every animal

We have a No-kill policy 

 Everyone deserves a loving home

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Critter Rescue Helping Elderly Keep Their Pets Program



Critter Rescue Shelter 


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Critter Rescue Advocacy for Animals Program

pay for 2 bales of hay for a cow & alpaca

$ 50 USD

A rescued cow or alpaca are usually starving when we first rescue them. So it's important to have good quality hay to build them up. Your money will give a cow & an alpaca a great meal