Critter Rescue

What a Year

Looking back over Critter Rescue 's busy year:

We've rescued and rehomed dogs, cats, rats, wombats, flying foxes, pet snakes, goats, a pig, ponies, puppies, turkeys, roosters, geese, ducks, sheep, birds, bats, cows etc.  

Whenever & wherever possible we have promoted:

1. Don't breed (adopt a rescued animal)

2. Don't take on an animal if you can't afford it (Vet bills & food over the lifetime of a pet can be Expensive)

3. If you can't keep an animal contact a No-Kill Shelter or Rescue Group

 And let's not forget the Weddings of the Year:

Rooster Guy & Rooster Girl got married. Here they are toasting the happy events:

But Hey they didn't marry each other.  Rooster Guy married the lovely Bobby Jo Elephant Girl & Rooster Girl married the lovely David Squirrel Whisperer. Here's their wedding photos:

 What a coincidence!